Friday, January 8, 2010

The Story of India

As 2009 rolls to a close we have a few more weeks to make an amazing talk in any sabha. We had set the goal of doing 10 amazing talks in 2009. With the time remaining let's try to make one more amazing talk before 2009 comes to an end.

We thought it would befit us to end on a bit of a challenge - which of the following talks is the most stickiest?

Our first challenger, Shashi Tharoor, hails from the TED India Conference held in November. You may not agree with his thesis, but you will notice that talk is enjoyable. He is essentially following the SUCCES steps to making a sticky talk; he's entertaining.
  • Simple: India is gaining soft power.
  • Unexpected: His examples (more cell phones in India / per month are sold than anywhere in the world).
  • Credible: Examples back up the stats
  • Concrete: Stats paint a picture that backs up his main idea.
  • Emotion: Though his weakest point, it comes through how and what he says.
  • Stories: MOST importantly, he is telling story after story.

Contestant #2 is also from the same conference. He's Nandan Nilekani and speaks about India's future. A fellow presenter mentions to us - "would like to comment that [Shashi Tharoor's] talk is a bit sugary and could have been better if there were substantial numbers to convince people. I would [reply with Nilekani's] talk."

BUT wait - yet another sticky presenter thinks that this talk given by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala outdoes the other two.

Who is the winner? Let us know what you decide!

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