Friday, February 20, 2009

My Green Conscience: Dinner with a Stranger (2/1/09)

Here's a sticky way to raise some funds and learn about the world from someone else. Trust us, you'll enjoy reading about this one.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matter Idea: Google Latitude

A thought below on some current day topics.

I am not sure about the utility of this in general. But I could see this as being a boon to people who misplace their phone. I mean I cannot find my phone, I need to look for it - where do I start - go to google and it says my phone is at home - so look at home.

Now, the interesting thing is that if people in your sabha like this idea, then it is very simple to tie this to a sabha presentation - Bapa is like Google Latitude, we want bliss, but where to look - Bapa tells us, etc. Many other ways as well. Think about it.

If you use something like this in sabha, please let me know how you did it and how it worked out.

This is a cool new feature that Google launched today.  I gotta admit, it's a little on the 'im gonna stalk you' side… you decide, whats your opinion?

TED: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

Powerpoint-addicts, there is hope. Here's a great speech that's both poignant and powerful because of the speaker's story; She spoke from the heart, spoke to change the world, very sticky.

Let's face it, slides would have diminished this talk.

It relates to many things (e.g. concept of sankhya, sarva karta, dharma, etc.), so how can you link it your presentation?