Sabha.ology: Who? What? Why?

Who: Anyone who is looking to spice up their presentation/speaking skills

What: Ideas/suggestions for crafting presentations in a Made to Stick way

Why: To create an engaging sabha for strengthening samjan

NOTE: We strive to make this blog a Swiss army knife for presenting. We provide ideas and material that will hopefully help anyone craft a captivating presentation that will leave the audience with a message to take home. While we concentrate on sabha presentations, the same skills and ideas can be used for interviews, writing essays, or giving technical talks. 

Remember these are just ideas, they are NOT ready-to-go presentations. Presenting requires that we know our audience and subject matter, and while we provide suggestions on how to make presentations creative, we cannot reach every audience out there (e.g. kishori, kishore, yuvak, yuvati, etc.) Feel free to tweak an idea, and let us know how it worked out via the comment feature under every post.

Addtionally, we may provide video or audio material to spark ideas. We can share these ideas through talking about what's in the video and can even attempt to show these videos. However, these files may require further editing, so let's be sure to use our judgement to ensure what is shown is within acceptable maryada.

Last but not least, this blog is open to feedback, so feel free to shoot us thoughts/comments/suggestions.


P.S. First time visitor? Check out Sabha 911 to see our fundamental posts before branching out.