Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Essence of Superbowl

How much time in a televised football game is actually spent showing football being played. From the Wall Street Journal it turns out to be 11 minutes. So what happens the other 174 minutes of the game? There is about an hour of commercial. Alot of footage showing players standing around. There is even more time spent showing replays than actual plays! So the essence of a football game can be distilled into 11 minutes. In those 11 minutes the winner and looser are determined.

In a similar way many people worship God, but there are differences from one person to the next. In Ghadhada I-27 (which is part of this weeks Kishori/Kishore syllabus) Maharaj distills the essence of a devotee in which God resides eternally. Reading the Vachnamrut we see that through this distillation we arrive at the Satpurush. Try using the 11 minute fact about to introduce the concepts in the Vachnamrut. The unexpected aspect of it will get people listening. It also leads to a very good way to give one (there are others) simple message embedded in this Vachnamrut - if we distill the essence of devotee in which God resides eternally we find Bapa.

As the Superbowl approaches we thought this would be appropriate. We also wanted to share a common message many sticky presenters have sent in. Many mandals have taken to watching the big game together. However they already realized that really all it takes is 11 minutes. What to do with the rest of the time. One small step is to retake half time. Several people are going to spend the half time show going over sticky presentation skills. Others are spending the half time show doing some kind of team building. One group is going to try and have a half time goshti. All good ideas. Let us know how they turned out.

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  1. I have this presentation this weekend and I like the football concept, but I don't understand how to relate it back to Gadhada 1-27