Monday, January 11, 2010

Akhand Vrutti - One year in 60 seconds

Akhand Vrutti is mentioned in the very first Vachnamrut. It is also mentioned in next weeks Kishore/Kishori syllabus regarding one of the qualities of Gunatitanand Swami. The idea of always having all your sense at any time on Maharaj and Swami is key to many things we talk about. How do you make that idea stick. Here is an analogy that you may want to use. It will take about a minute to show (there is a two minute version as well).

Here is the link to the page with other version as well as a tutorial on how to do time lapse videos.

So what is the link between these two. Our idea was that over time you see the changes happening but if you concentrate you always see the trees, you never say that tree is not a tree. Yogi Bapa used to say (it's in the Yogi Gita, this is not an exact quote - anyone know the exact quote?) that mango trees change but even if they loose their leave and branches we never loose faith (nishchay) in that it is a mango tree. In the same way over time things change, but we should not loose faith in Maharaj being Bhagwan and Swami being the Sat-purush. Things may change over time but our vrutti needs to remain with them.

This is a subtle "unexpected" so you may need to play to that. This was what we came up with this week, do you have something else? Also let us know if there is a better way to tie this in, it would really help us out. Happy presenting.

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