Monday, June 22, 2009

Paul Tudor Jones's Failure Speech (6/10/09)

Although I am a sucker for commencement speeches, the following talk really has many sticky aspects. Can be good for all the summer talks we may be giving in the next few weeks.
Paul Tudor Jones - Failure Speech June 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lone Gunman: Presentation Masterclass (4/3/08)

Lloyd Morgan writes,
LifeHack has just started what I hope will become an informative and useful series entitled Presentation Masterclass, courtesy of Rowan Manahan.
Audiences are so deluged with advertising messages and radio jingles, with phone calls, voicemail, email, SMS and IM, with... stuff in their personal lives that unless you, the presenter, are wowing them with every word, you will lose their attention in a matter of seconds.
I am always striving to improve my public speaking and my presentation style, so this series is a welcome addition. I just hope it continues to be as good as the introductory article.
As a starting point, I recommend some detox to clear your body and mind from a lifetime of exposure to sucky presentations. I strongly recommend that you expose yourself to some great presenters:
Who did he mention? See for yourself at the link below.


Monday, June 8, 2009

A great talk for sabha

The following talk hits on many aspects: goals, determination, sarva karta, agna, shu na thai.

Please keep us updated on your talks and ideas that you use. We are compiling (now on this blog) all of them as they come. Happy Presenting.

[10 in 2009]
Goal for 2009: We all make 10 great talk by the end of the year.