Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pac Man On the Wall

Pac Man is iconic. You may have never played the game but you know about it. Every time you see three quarters of a circle that is yellow you cannot help but think Pac Man. For anyone growing up in the 80s, Pac Man was the big thing. So it comes as no surprise that the kids from the 80s have grown up and bought a house and painted Pac Man scenes in their basement. But how did they get one image in the whole room? It really looks like they did something with photoshop or final cut pro. Click on the video and be amazed by the power of anamorphic projections - really clever ways of painting on different walls to make it seem like one picture.

So this is really interesting, now what can we do we do with it. A central concept within satsang is to become one with the Satpurush, or the fact that our guru parampara had oneness with Maharaj. This idea of oneness is sometimes glossed over in an introduction and then we say a few prasangs and hope everyone connects the dots. This weeks kishore/kishori sabha talks about the oneness of Maharaj and Shatriji Maharaj. Try starting with something unexpected and show this clip. From here there are many ways you can go. Here is one. When seen from just the right angle we see the Pac Man image, all other angles we just see random blue lines. When we explore oneness we see that if we keep our focus (or from last week vrutti) firmly in a single direction we attain oneness with Maharaj. Which direction? The direction of Satpurush, the reason for his agna and niyams.

The simple message is all about the idea of oneness, akhand vrutti on Maharaj and Swami. The concrete examples can be taken from the prasangs. The video is something unexpected. You are on your way to a sticky sabha.

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