Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chart Wars!

The following clips combines several things we really like all in once 5 minute video.
Sticky Talks
Ignite Talks

  • Sticky Presentation - The talk is really sticky. Unexpected, simple message, stories, concrete and credible examples - a little emotion (humor) thrown in as well.
  • Ignite Talk - We REALLY dig the concept of ignite talks - especially after spending countless hours on a conference call or meeting listening to people trying to make a point. The idea is simple, you have 5 minutes, maximum of 20 slides, slides are on auto so you cannot say next, it is evenly timed through out the talk. Now go make your point. We have used this in a few meetings and it has worked really well. It will take time for everyone to understand this concept, but it will pay dividends in the future.
  • Infographics - The content of the talk is all about infographics. How to display data so that it is not misleading and make sense.
NOTE: There is one bad word in this talk. NSFW.

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