Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Attending to the Call of Nature

Distractions are the bane to any sticky sabha be it cell phones, texting, or the random uncle/auntie who walks in only to realize they are in the wrong place. But for some, it's a much more basic problem to which even a balak can relate - the bathroom run!

Now, let's imagine they could only use the stall below - would they even consider it? Suddenly, it can wait.

No joke, this stall is 100% legit in the name of art and was shared by a fellow reader. However, it's not all that bad because in reality, nobody can see you from the outside. The picture below shows a woman about to enter this bathroom. Basically you can see outside but everyone on the outside can only see their own reflection. Now ask yourself a questions - would you still go?

Going to the bathroom is one of the most basic things, we have been doing it literally all of our lives. But if we change the setting even a little - it becomes difficult, we become uncomfortable. We become aware of our body and ourselves. This is the power of maya.

A fellow sticky sabha presenter sent us the following link about this bathroom. It turns out that this viral email claiming that this bathroom is in Houston is a hoax. We find it interesting that the fake story of the bathroom is making the email forward rounds, but the real story of the bathroom as an art installation does not get any email forwarding love.

In the same way we hear about maya many times in sabha, but it does not get forwarded to our memory, it does not stick. Try showing this bathroom to explain maya - it may stick.

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