Friday, January 8, 2010

Seth Godin: What Matters Now

Seth Godin is a namesake on this blog, and a fellow sticky presenter brought to our attention that he's got something new as 2009 comes to a close.
Hey guys,
Jai Swaminarayan! You may know how much I like Seth Godin's stuff, he is a mover and shaker. He just put out a new e-book that really goes over a lot of the things we've started conversations about...
Here is an excerpt:
Speaking soon? Keep this in mind: people at events are hungry for authenticity. Saying something you might not have said elsewhere is a good way to find your authentic voice.
For my own conference, I often give advice to speakers before they come on stage. Here’s an exercise for anyone who wants to connect with an audience.
A few weeks before the event, when you start preparing the talk, write out everything you spend your time doing - professional work, side projects at home, everything.
Now pick the one thing you’re most excited about.
Now consider: why is that so important to you?
Design your talk from that point, as if you started by saying, “My name is X, and I’m passionate about XYZ because...”
The rest of your talk should fall into place easily enough. Yes, it’s important to know your audience, use A/V materials wisely, watch your time, and so on. But you have to build the talk around your passion.
Here’s the final measure of your success as a speaker: Did you change something? Are attendees leaving with a new idea, some new inspiration, perhaps a renewed commitment to their work or to the world?
Be honest, be authentic, and speak from your passion. Yes, it means taking a risk. But the results might surprise you.
Mark Hurst runs Gel and founded Creative Good, a customer experience consultancy.
This does not do this eBook justice, it is REALLY good. You can read one page in about four minutes!


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