Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swami ni Vaat 7.6

A presentation based on a Swami ni Vaat - talk about a curveball! This type of presentations really excite us since Swami ni Vaat are very deep and very subtle. This means there are many ways to take this presentation. We may think that since the text itself is too short for a sabha presentation. However, let's dive into the depths of the enlightenment this Swami ni Vaat has to offer.

Step 1: Synthesize the simple statement.
  • Shriji Maharaj's exists both above and within all entities in the universe.
  • We must earn the ability to understand Shriji Maharaj's form.
  • Understanding Shriji Maharaj requires understanding His mahima.
Step 2: Start with the shakeup.
  • What is Pizza? What seems to be a stupid question on the surface proves incredibly difficult if asked by an individual who has no familiarity with pizza, like an Indian villager. Ask an audience member to describe pizza to the audience but then repeat it now assuming that the audience is a group of Indian villagers who have never experience pizza before. The difficulty in this scenario reflects the difficulty Shriji Maharaj had in explaining His nature to other devotees at the time.
  • The Violin Player: Joshua Bell, a world-class violinist, played several pieces of music for 45 minutes in a metro station in Washington DC, yet hardly anybody paid him attention. An individual who sold out a theater in Boston only two days before received no recognition or praise from commuters. Just as they did not understand his greatness, we too pass each moment and day without fully understanding the mahima of Shriji Maharaj. Actual story can be found at the link above; mix it up by showing parts of the video as well.
  • Pup Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe: Yep, it's as eccentric as it sounds but illustrates this principle very well; when we take time to fathom just how small we are in scale to Shriji Maharaj Himself, we begin to understand His mahima. Pause at the black block before heading into the strip where he goes out and plays sports. However, while we can easily attain that understanding, we can easily lose it when we focus in on the present which for Pup are his sports.
Step 3: Support the simple statement with stories filled with details (concrete) and validity (credibility). For example, we linked three prasangs from the presentation to the second simple statement, "We must earn the ability to understand Shriji Maharaj's form."
  • Bhai Ramdas - Why was Bhai Ramdas a genuine devotee? We may think it is because of his ability to have Shriji Maharaj's darshan in all three states, but the real answer lay in his understanding. He thanked Shriji Maharaj for giving him the ability to see His form. We too must recognize that to attain God, we must first secure His permission.
  • God or Sadhu? - The assembly initially saw Shriji Maharaj's demonstration as funny, but what if the prasang had been different in that Bhai Ramdas had been present? While the others may have laughed, he would have felt touched that Shriji Maharaj Himself felt all those sitting in the assembly to even be eligible to hear of His true form.
  • Riding a Rolls-Royce - We keep seeing how important it is to earn the ability to understand Shriji Maharaj's form, but it seems that it is easier said than done. However, we have a living, breathing example in the form of the Satpurush to demonstrate to us the way to earn this understanding. In 1982, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, as the guest-of-honor, humbly sat on the gearbox. We cannot fathom such a scenario, yet it's the way of the Satpurush that will help us earn the ability to understand Shriji Maharaj's form.
We may find it difficult to imagine how to create a 20-minute presentation out of this paragraph-sized Swami ni Vaat, yet in these words lies the wisdom of a lifetime. Let's take some time this week to familiarize ourselves and earn the ability to win over our audience to God & His Sant.

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