Friday, March 11, 2011

Ramayan Revisited

A fellow Sabhaologist just sent us this really interesting unexpected idea on how to start off the Ramayan talk for this weeks kishore/kishori mandal sabha. The following video (along with Part 2 and Part 3) tells of an ordinary adventure. The amazing thing is that this person is moved by this adventure to find the picture owner (i.e. it changes him for the better). In other words, he becomes a better person.

So let's break this down Made to Stick style:
  • The video is an unexpected opener.
  • The simple message is as follow, "Like the story in the video, the Ramayan is an adventure. Not for Ram Bhagwan or any of the figures from the epic, but for us. When we read the Ramayan, we go on an adventure that seems simple, but will change us for the better."
This can also be tied in to the previous Ramayan post, by defining change for the better as always being happy.

Then, after each prasang in the presentation, we can see how reading each prasang changes us ever so slowly for the better.

Kudos to our reader - this was a great find!

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