Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Ocean of Values

In each of our gurus lies an ocean of virtues and values, and a mere dive in their lives is enough to win over the heart of anyone who is brave enough to make that leap. This week in kishore/kishori sabha, we look at the charismatic personality of Bhagatji Maharaj, so let's take a look to see what lies beneath the surface.

Step 1: Synthesize the simple statement. Below are some examples taken from the syllabus.
  • Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa attracted others.
  • Bhagatji Maharaj performed seva with samjan. 
  • Bhagatji Maharaj's enthusiasm energized others.

Step 2: Start with the shakeup.

The Fun Theory - Work sucks because it's boring. Now, a new Volkswagen-backed initative attempts to reverse that by making things that are otherwise boring into something fun. Bhagatji Maharaj applied this to his seva and made others desire it just as much. Below is one example, but more can be found at the site.

Step 3: Support with stories and examples rich in detail (concrete) and with validity (credible). Remember, take one simple statement, and link it to each story/example. In our case, we used the first simple statement below to link to a few prasangs from the syllabus.
  • Crossing the River - Sure, Bhagatji Maharaj had faith, and he could have crossed the river himself without issue. However, his faith provided the assurance to others to allow them to make that journey as well. When we develop this sadhutaa, we not only gain strength, but we strengthen others. It's for that reason they find that sadhutaa attractive. 
  • Girdharbhai - Bhagatji's Maharaj's sadhutaa had not gone unnoticed by Shriji Maharaj Himself, and He revealed it to Girdharbhai. When we cultivate this type of sadhutaa, we too win the attention of Shriji Maharaj Himself.
  • Pavitranand Swami - Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa not only strengthened others but also provided solace to others. Pavitranand Swami turned to Bhagatji Maharaj for this very reason to ease his restless and disturbed mind. However, drugs, like alcohol, do more or less the same thing as they give us an artificial sense of well-being before draining us of our emotional energy; how was Bhagatji Maharaj any different? He was different because his sadhutaa gave everlasting solace. To cultivate such sadhutaa, one must change their character for the better, and in cultivating this character, we too will develop such attractive sadhutaa.
BONUS: The syllabus also provides a link to an article in Bliss. Below are some examples taken from that issue.
  • Shastri Rangacharya, a leader of a different sampraday altogether, recognized Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa and openly offered dandvats to him. Someone with a different belief system altogether had that firm respect for Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa. While we may feel the anxiety and angst of cultivating such sadhutaa in our life out of fear of what others may say, we should realize that everyone respects sadhutaa regardless of their beliefs.  
  • Sadguru Krishnaswarupdas recognized Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa and had no problems with the young Shastri Yagnapurushdas composing Sanskrit verses highlighting Bhagatji Maharaj's virtues. As we know, Sanskrit itself is an ancient language, one that has persisted with the passage of time. When we cultivate Bhagatji Maharaj's sadhutaa, our virtues are forever remembered and continue to inspire and attract many following our departure from this world.
As we noted before, the lessons one can learn from the life of the Satpurush know no limit. Let us take their experiences to support just one of their many life lessons as we gear up to share them with our audiences this Sunday.

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