Saturday, March 26, 2011

Power of the Divine

In bal/balika-2 sabha this week, we explore Bhagatji Maharaj's divinity. As we narrate these prasangs, our young audience may only see the miracle. However, we must reiterate how there is more to the story than what we hear on the surface.

For example, in the case of these magicians, what's the secret behind their success? Check out the video below to see one of their famous tricks exposed on camera.

Similarly, when we hear of Bhagatji Maharaj's miracles, we may get caught up in whether he could have actually done the things he did, like giving Kanji Darji the ability have constant darshan of the murtis.

However, when are listening to a prasang that seems fictional, we are unintentionally distracted from what’s really going on. We focus too much on the “magic” part of it that we fail to understand the real core message the prasang is giving us.

Challenge the audience: Remind them that if they look at a prasang ready to discern fact from fiction, they’re missing the main message. As in the video above, they're paying attention to the "face."

So then what is the message behind these prasangs?

Bhagatji Maharaj's miracles helped devotees to focus on Shriji Maharaj, the true source of divinity.

In short, open sabha up with this wager and embrace their engagement in trying to find the hidden message.

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