Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bal 2 - It Worked!

Creating order in sabha is a challenge. We looked at several go to moves in the past that would stop the sabha from sliding down a perilous slope. One very salient point is that boredom is usually the precursor to bad behavior. Not all the balaks will pay attention but if we can win over a few bright spots then the tide may change.  From a fellow sabha-ologist.

I've come to recognize boredom to give way to bad behavior in sabha, but there will be the few pockets of kids who just don't want to pay attention. 

One interesting thing I've noticed is that the really engaged kids will actually try to silence the talkers, so if your presentation can interest these bright spots, they can work to maintain order among themselves. Of course, this point alludes to a sticky sabha, but try to see if you can't throw curve balls at your balaks. We call it unexpected, but narrating examples or prasangs in ways they aren't expecting gets them to pay attention.

Sunday, I had a talk on Gunatitanand Swami's greatness and how only a few truly understood his mahima. We started off by listening to the instrumental version of Gangnam Style. I told them that if they knew what song it was that they should stand up, so they all got perked. In a matter of ten seconds, the entire sabha stood up with some actually showing off the moves. I then went on to describe how record-breaking the video was, how many countries played it, etc.

Then, the kicker - how many of us know the meaning? The song itself parodies Gangnam for its willingness to imitate Western styles which is ironic in that the song has become a hit in the West. The link from here became simple, but I did the same technique with each of my prasangs as well.

 I feel the more order we impose, the more they will resist. If we can find a way to empower them to maintain order, it's win-win.

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