Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bal 1 - It Worked!

Our bal 1 sabha sanchalak in training has been working very hard on using stuffed animals and a toy car to tell different stories as part of his MC. The kids have taken to the characters he has created. This week however he forgot to bring the stuffed animals. He had prepared the story already. What to do?

He decided to level with the kids and tell them he forgot the stuffed animals. These are balaks, they did not really mind that the animals were not there. Then he pivoted and said he was going to need helpers who would take the place of the stuffed animals. This Worked! The kids laughed out loud and at the antics the helpers went through. The helpers were not embarrassed but enjoyed moving about.

During review we commented on how well this worked. It seemed to me that if we started by picking people and having them act things out, it would not have worked so well. The fact that the last three weeks we had stuffed animal characters do stories, and now the kids were acting as stuffed animals who in turn were acting out a story made it easier and Worked! We decided to add more characters to this weekly on going story until all the kids have a role. We will see if this also Works!

Two volunteers who acted out characters, plus many show of hands to be then next character.

Kids reaction to the story.

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