Monday, October 8, 2012

Bal 2 - It Worked

From a fellow sabhologist.

Lately we have been working together to figure out a way to change the balaks' attitude towards sabha. While our sticky prseentation definitely affects how balaks view sabha, so does the environment. 

So, we tried something new this week. We made a seating assignment for the kids. Compared to every other week, they were very well-behaved this week. While we were making the seating assignments, it was sort of like arranging a puzzle. We had to take multiple things into account: 

1)  make sure that the mischievous kids were sitting separately
2) the quiet kids sit near the front, 
3) Put a well-behaved kid in between two talkative kids, etc.

We are still experimenting to see what the best version of the seating assignment will be, however, from the results of this week, it seems like we may be doing this every week.

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