Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yogiji Maharaj: A True Sadhak

Yogi Jayanti provides an excellent opportunity to revisit the life of our guru, Yogiji Maharaj, and learn from the shining lesson of his sadhutaa.

Step 1: Synthesize the simple statement. Feel free to brainstorm or use some of the ones taken from the syllabus.
  • Yogiji Maharaj was a true sadhak.
  • Determination defines a true sadhak.
  • Sincere thoughts, words, and deeds produce success.
Step 2: Start with the shakeup. 
  • Playing the Fool: When our motives are just, we can wield our mind as a weapon. While the mathematician's son saw this idea as an opportunity to earn some money, Yogiji Maharaj showed us this idea as an opportunity to excel and prosper in life. 
  • The Cop that Could: In Act 2 of this episode of This American Life, we learn of a police officer who just want stop to exposing the corruption in his department - even when he gets arrested by the officials above and committed to an asylum against his own will. (NOTE: This segment is long but quite juicy, so be sure to listen to it in advance to get the gist.)
  • Progress Through Patience: Take a look at some of these shakeups that illustrate the idea of just how determination or focus can help turn the tide in our favor, namely "College Reject" and "One Elephant vs. Pack of Lions."
Step 3: Support the simple statement with stories filled with details (concrete) and validity (concrete). Here, we took prasangs to support the simple statement, "Determination define a true sadhak."
  • Royal Treatment: Despite being honored with such savory sweets, Yogiji Maharaj was determined to honor his fast and to honor Shriji Maharaj's name. Not only was his bhakti manifest from within towards his Ishtadev, but it radiated to those around him. A true sadhak is thus the emblem of such enlightenment - all of which starts with determination of course.
  • Happiness Amidst Beatings: This example proves just how much Yogiji Maharaj's determination stood strong amidst a torrent of abuse and insult. However, another thing stands out in this prasang that we would otherwise miss. As hard as it was to do the right thing, it's even more difficult to remain happy doing it. Thus, Yogiji Maharaj's determination was of another level - that of a true sadhak. 
  • Laugh, not Cry: Abuse can be both physical or verbal, and it's the latter of which whose pain persists long after the act happened. After all, we find it quite difficult to erase those embarrassing memories, yet Yogiji Maharaj shows us one way in which we can through never letting the memory form in the first place. His mind was so determined to please Shriji Maharaj that he took not even a moment's chance to consider the flaws of his physical form. If we can cultivate this type of determination, overcoming obstacles becomes that much easier.
Determination stands the test of time, and at least one century later, we are still remembering the man that paved the way for Satsang to fluorish as we know it today. Let's honor him by determining to plan, prepare, and present accordingly.

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