Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Vachanamrut: A Kid's Version

purposeThe Vachanamrut can be a tough topic, especially when trying to teach balaks. However, the Vachanamrut contains the words of Shriji Maharaj, and therefore it is necessary for balaks to learn the importance of the Vachanamrut. The Vachanamrut remains the foremost unique scripture in our Sampraday.

One way to talk about the Vachanamrut to balaks is through an activity. In the event that some balaks have prior knowledge of the Vachanamrut, this activity will be a great way for them to dive into reading the Vachanamrut. From a young age, if balaks are exposed to reading the Vachanamrut, then they won’t be scared to pick it up in the future if they need an answer. To encourage our balaks to develop a sort of “bond” with the Vachanamrut, let's take a look at this week's activity.

Activity: First, talk with a few non-bal/balikas (e.g. kishores/kishoris, yuvaks/yuvatis, etc.) to take part in this activity. Then, have a bunch of them walk around with section numbers listed on them, like Sarangpur-8, Karyani-9, etc. Throughout your presentation, tell the balaks to introduce themselves to each one of these ‘Vachanamruts’ and learn as much about them as possible. At the end, line up all the kishores and have the balaks say what they learnt about the kishores. This way, balaks won’t always be intimidated to read the Vachanamrut.

Also on the theme of ghar sabha, the syllabus has provided a worksheet with a list of three Vachanamrut topics. These topics are to be taken home and discussed with their parents to reinforce the importance of this scripture at home.

Thus, let's help bring our balaks one step closer to Maharaj & Swami through sharing with them the glory of our fundamental scripture.

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