Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finding Shakeups & Stories

Simple, Shakeup, Stories: That's our mantra, but there's more...

Little present 

As school winds down and summer vacation starts up, we thought it would be a great opportunity to do an upgrade and have been busy preparing for it. It seems that while we've identified the three core elements that pack a punch in any presentation, we need to shed more light into their intricacies.

In the following weeks, we will explore a breadth of topics:
  • How can I make a simple statement?
  • How can I add strong links to my presentation to make it coherent and sticky?
  • How does presenting help with SAT/ACT and any other standardized testing?
We will kick it off with an appetizer. Shakeups and stories help deliver the simple statement to our audience, yet we may be at a loss as to where to look for them. 

The sources are infinite in number - books, videos, scriptures, Bliss - but we have to start somewhere. A fellow Sabhaologist sent us one place to start. Take note that TED is at the top of the list and is a frequently cited source here on our blog. 

As we can see, examples can be found nearly everywhere, but we have to dig deep into them to find how they relate back to Satsang - a topic of a future post. 

After all, we can't spoil the entire surprise!

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