Monday, April 25, 2011

Bal/Balika Mandal Go To Move #2: Call and Response Jay Naad

Continuing on our go to methods for Bal / Balika Mandal, today's method is a favorite of sanchalaks and kids everywhere - but one that the sabha in the next room does not like so much. It involves screaming loudly which really wakes up the kids and frustrates the sabha next door.

Essentially have the kids scream the Jay Naad as loud as possible. Anytime you feel the focus of sabha slipping just say "Swaminarayan Bhagwan ni!" and listen for the loud Jai. Spend time making it louder in the beginning and it will be a great go to move during sabha.  This does several things:

  • Gets blood flowing
  • Gets all anxious energy out, a release
  • Drowns out all outside noise and sound that may distract
  • Stops the kids who are talking from talking since nobody can here them (and they want to scream as well).
  • Let's kid be loud, something they are good at.
Introduce this right in the beginning of sabha during Jay Naad. Test it out several times during the beginning when everyone is paying attention by randomly saying "Swaminarayan Bhagwan ni!" mid sentence. Like Mock the Clap it will take a few iterations to get everyone on board.

  • Response on another phrase. I say Swami / you say Bapa. Tie the phrase with the topic of the week. For example if the topic of the week is honesty. Try Never/Lie. Randomly yell out Never, everyone else yells out Lie.
  • Instead of a response by voice, try a response by action. Every time you say Swaminarayan Bhagwan ni Jay - everyone has to fold their hands. Make it game. First one that folds hands get a point.. Keep a running total. Get a prize. This works well if you do not want to disturb the sabha next door by being loud.

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