Monday, April 18, 2011


Three easy steps this week in Kishore/Kishori Mandal, since our topic is very straight forward AND very interesting.

Simple message
Explain the four parts of antahkaran.

  • Use an analogy to a camera:
    • Man - Shutter - controls what lights comes in
    • Budhhi - IC Chip (or film for old school cameras) - consolidates light
    • Chit - Lens - focus incoming light
    • Ahamkar - the picture - forms a copy (sense of being) of the what we see
When we were discussing this talk we really felt that stories would be the key to making a stick presentation. Since the concept is abstract it is important that we understand the topic. So it is great that there are dictionary-like definitions in the presentation to help us understand terms. However, if we were to say the definition or put it on the screen we would lose many people. [Tip: Do Not use the definitions in your talk, use them to understand the topic] Instead it is important to say a story. P. Santo may times explain this concept by starting out with this story: 

Let's say you have a can of Coke in your hand. Your eyes see the Coke, your hand feels the cold can all these enter through our indriya to our man.

So they say the same definitions but they pose them in the form of a story. There are many creative tips and points in the presentation - all of them great - that can be used to make our own story.

Bonus Fourth Step - Think
Lastly a topic like this is great because it broadens our satsang knowledge. The only way we can really present this in a sticky fashion is if we understand the topic to some extent. Something that is implied in all presentations is that thinking through the topic and concepts is what takes the longest time. Especially when faced with a new topic or concept. So this week take the time to really think through the material. The syllabus is there so that we the presenter understand the topic really well. Then it is up to us to pick and choose points to relay that idea to our fellow sabha attendees. This week we think it maybe a good idea to tap all the resources we have available. Our parents maybe a good source of information, give them a call and have a conversation about Antahkaran. Get as many points of view as possible. We can ask other people in our mandal, we can talk to other people in the mandir, what about emailing some friends you made during the last Convention or Shibir. Text/Twitter/SMS some friends you met at the last summer shibir and see what their understanding is about antahkaran. 

Once you have all this information, think about it and put it in your own words. Then the three steps above will become a snap. As always let us know what you come up with.

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