Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bal/Balika Mandal Go To Move #1: Mock the Clap

[Over the next few weeks we will be giving out some tried and true methods for Bal/Balika mandal "Go To" moves to keep sabha focused and fun. Here is the scenario we envision:

You are giving a talk in Bal/Balika Mandal and things are about to take a turn for worse. Kids are getting antsy, the boisterous ones are about to start talking. You only have a few moments to keep the momentum going - what do you do?]

If you have never used the Mock the Clap technique you and your kids are in for treat. Everyone loves Mock the Clap. It is incredibly easy to do and it makes waiting for everyone to calm down fun. The set up is pretty easy. At the beginning of sabha after Jay Naad, have the kids copy your clap. It is as simple as that. Then through out sabha, whenever the "situation" starts to happen, just clap. The kids that are paying attention will respond automatically. This will give incentive for the antsy kids to follow suit, it also drowns out the kids who are talking, finally it gets people attention and garners excitement.

  • Do not relegate yourself to clapping, you can snap, touch the floor, pat your belly.
  • Introduce the routine and idea of copy your clap without using any words, this will reinforce the idea that nobody should be talking during sabha.
  • Vary the rhythm and length of clapping to suit your age group. Bigger kids can remember more so a very long series of claps makes it more challenging for them to remember. Much like the old Simon game.
  • Tie this into your story. Last week we mentioned changing the Point of View. If you are making up a character, make up a back story. For example we could say Tweety had several flaps of his feathers that he would use to talk his fellow birds.
  • This variation is really funny and may result in a bout of laughter - have everyone mock the clap by not using their hands but smacking their lips.
  • Jump for Joy. Stand up clap and sit down. This will work to get everyone moving as well if the sabha is long and the room is too warm, this will wake everyone up. Make sure to follow this up with another clap or else you will degenerate back to the "situation."
  • Tarzan Clap. Beat your chest
  • Horse applause: Three claps done several times. First clap then slap your knee then slap your other knee. Do this quickly a few times and it sounds like a horses gallop. This would be a good way to introduce a prasang in involving Manki Godi, or Maharaj riding a horse. For example last week's Joban Pagi prasang would have been perfect.
Do you have Mock the Clap variations? How well did this work for you? Let us know.

Mock the Clap Example from Monster Stomp, just to see how it can work. Use this to inspire your own routine.

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