Friday, October 15, 2010

An Unusual Gift

Sometimes we struggle with an opener that catches the audience's attention, so we make our way to YouTube to find random videos, sometimes cheesy or lacking in quality. After awhile, the audience adapts to our "creativity," and we are back to our original problem of delivering shock & awe.

However, it falls back on mixing up our strategy. In fact, a prasang can be made unexpected just as easily with the mere tweaking of its delivery. Watch the video below for a quick idea.

What's interesting in this case, here our speaker took something completely dismal, serious, even tragic and spun it off as something as a point of hope, optimism, and fortune - as though one should look forward to it. Could you sense the urgency in trying to find out what it was?

That's the ticket to a great opener or even prasang narration - keep them on the edge of their seats. In this case, we used the Altered Perspective Effect where we took the point to be presented (terrible cancer) to its opposite (unique opportunity).

Other ideas for presenting prasangs powerfully? Share those techniques with us here.

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