Friday, October 1, 2010


Stereograms were very popular about ten years ago. Essentially they encode a 3D view of an object within a picture. Every mall had a kiosk selling them and there would always be a few people calmly gazing at these pictures trying to get a mental image of what was hidden. This week in Kishori sabha the main topic is darshan. We thought that many of the parallels between stereograms and darshan would be a great unexpected way to start sabha. When viewing a stereogram you need to:
  • relax
  • focus your attention and gaze on the subject
  • breathe
  • quite your mind
  • let an image appear in your mind
Darshan is more than a looking at a stereogram, but it maybe a good way to lead into the idea of practicing darshan. Below are a few sterograms. See if you can spot the hidden picture.

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