Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Virtue of Purity

Hello Karyakars! One sabha / ghosthi topic that continually reemerges is an in-depth, one-at-a-time discussion of Pujya Swamishri’s eternal virtues. One of the more recent topics is on Saucham (સૌચમ), or Purity.

“The ancient Hindu scriptures prescribe the five forms of purity: mind, action, character, speech, and physical body. P.P Swamishri is the embodiment of purity in all of these areas. His life radiates with purity....

“Swamishri states, “To become pure within, one must first begin with outer purity.” His life is full of inspiring incidents which illustrates this belief.”

Pujya Swamishri’s purity, like each of his other virtues, or Gũn (ગુણ), is truly limitless. Each moment in Pujya Swamishri’s life is the single boundless, blissful beacon of interwoven virtues in the tumultuous waters of this world. Through the reading of prasangs and through our own life experiences, each of us has been blessed with having one, or multiple, touch points with Pujya Swamishri’s divine qualities.

But what about purity in our own lives as well as in the outside world? This particular ghoshti ends with a directive to host a conversation around the famous quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” in relation to Purity.

What is Purity in a world of multiple perspectives and ways of life? In addition to the prasang varnan and ghoshti, perhaps we can help generate concepts that help us strengthen our own path to pure living.

Exhibit A: Purity as Relative

This comic is somewhat of a farce, though math freaks reading this blog may disagree, but is Purity relative? If so, how?

Exhibit B: Branding around Purity

Purity Organic is a juice company that goes with the tagline “Better Fruit. Better Juice”. The company focuses on finding better, organic ingredients in order to create a superior product. Can purity be applied to that which is closer to the genuine source?

Exhibit C: Purity as Subtle
The difference between a million-dollar diamond and a 100K diamond is one microscopic impurity. We may follow all the niyam dharma of basic purity, but do we go the extra mile?
What more can we do for our own outer and inner purity?

Please share your ideas to the virtue of Purity, or any of Swamishri’s other eternal virtues.

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