Monday, July 12, 2010

Chain Reaction

How can the Odyssey of others inspire our own present-day journey?

Last week, the MC used a really neat way to tie together the whole sabha. From beginning to end, she related her experience of reading Seductive Poison, a memoir of a once-Jonestown devotee who was misled by her leader, to the sabha topics of Swami’s compassion and the Law of Karma.

I finally dusted the cover of my unread (read: untouched) copy of the Odyssey where Odysseus or Ulysses (from Greek mythology) takes decades to finally return home. It was his journey that even came to coin the concept of “odyssey” in modern English. In our own culture, the Pandavas as well as Shri Rama and Sitaji endured trials and tribulations during their own time in exile. Each protagonist has exhibted perseverance and focus, adapting to their own chain reactions and karmas through the cosmos, in search of truth and righteous living.
It follows, then, that in literature and in life the Journey is paramount for growth.

The prominent philosopher Joseph Campbell regards each Hero’s Journey as “the process that underlies all growth, learning, and self discovery”. Where would Dorothy be without the Wizard of Oz, and where would Frodo be without his journey to Mordor?

Every few minutes, my gaze wanders to the Nilkanth Varni murti on my desk. Maharaj Himself set out on the pious path not so much to find the Truth, rather in order to allow the seekers find Him and attain His dham

In digesting the past few weeks’ presentations and pretty hefty topics about the the domino effect of Cosmic Evolution and Law of Karma as well as in understanding Upasana in an everyday light, I, at least, know that this moment is not a mere coincidence. After reading about the mythological and real journeys of other souls, I am not entirely sure what my own atma has done to arrive here. But I also know that human perception is highly limited, and that what matters at this moment is that my has brought me here today - face to face with clarity about my true identity and the Ekantik Satpurush himself. What I choose to do today and tomorrow is what matters.

How do you relate with the idea of the Cosmic “Odyssey” of the atma? Does reading or learning about the journey of a ficticious or real protagonist inspire you in your daily satsang?

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