Monday, February 8, 2010

Rules that Bind or Rules that Free - aagna

Many times we when talk about aagna we start with everyday rules such as the rules of driving a car (stop at the stop sign, stop at the red light, etc.) We then use that as an analogy to establish that the aagna of Satpurush also helps us in our spiritual journey. This is a great way to start a talk. However over time everyone has come to EXPECT that this how we are going to start the talk so we loose the unexpected element. It is now harder to get everyone's attention even though we started with something different. What if we took these same ideas and simply tweaked them to do something a bit different as seen in the following video.

The video itself shows the rules in a different light (see also the rapping airline steward for another example). Now we have many ways to tie this to aagna. For example, we can say that the rules of the road such as wearing a seat belt, are actually quite simple - it only takes a few minutes - yet we make a big deal about it. However not only does it affect you - potentially saving your life, it affects your family. Similarly following the Satpurush's aagna actually is quite simple (not eating onions and garlic or your favorite other niyam examples) yet we make a big deal about it. Also by following these aagna we slowly start to imbibe the characteristics of the Satpurush - thus becoming more tranquil and happy. This affects not only us, but our family and loved ones as well.

When faced with an aagna topic try this method to add some unexpected to your sticky talk (followed with concrete and credible examples). It can go a long way. If you can think of other ways to take this, let us know in the comments section below (click on the picture of the small white envelope. Note all comments are moderated and it may take a day or so before they show up, and can be anonymous if you prefer).

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