Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Impossible is Nothing

What can we achieve if we put our mind to it? We have heard this many times in sabha. Many people start with that exact question, which usually is meant to be rhetorical, and in many cases is not, but in general serves no purpose (we do not like those questions).

Presentations dealing with: power of the mind, what we can achieve if we have mahima and nishta in Satpurush, great heights achieved by satsangis throughout history, what our Guru Parampara was able to accomplish to please their own guru - all could benefit from an unexpected and concrete example to set the tone. Enter David Blaine.

Honestly when we read about many of his stunts in the past we thought this guy was a tool. This talked changed our minds. The talk itself is sticky - tells a story with lots of unexpected images and concrete and credible examples. He is emotional about this subject - you can see it means a great deal to him. But the real key in our minds is that he has a simple message: I wanted to accomplish something so I set my mind to it and did it.

This is universal and can be used in almost any presentation. For example when discussing niyams if we start by saying: Bapa has never given us a Chaaturmaas niyam to shove a pipe down our throats so we could stop breathing. But image if he did. Great way to start, we can then talk about how hard that would be, what would it take for us to do it, in fact who in their right minds would do such a thing. Boom - show video (or parts of it). Come back with some concrete examples that show that if we have a focus to break a record we would do it AND if we had the same focus to please Bapa we could do it. Tie in past examples wherein people in the sabha (collectively or individually) did exactly that - both for Satsang and personal goals. You are on your way to a very sticky presentation.

Looking for a sticky ending? Try this. Sing a few lines of Ame sau Swami na balak. Then move to the following. We just sang: marishu Swami ne maate. Looking around this room and the achievements we had in the past, I am sure, no I am certain that everyone here would be willing to die for Swami. But the question is are we willing to make Sabha Sticky for Swami? Are you?

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