Friday, March 14, 2014

Oil and Water Don't Mix but Food Coloring Does.

A fellow sabha.ologist going by the moniker Mirangi wanted to share some unexpected methods she successfully implemented in Balika 1

The presentation was on the concept of Akshar and Purushottam. Now this is a concept that is quite difficult for someone who is in group 1 to understand. At most, they know that Akshar is Swamibapa and Purushottam is Maharaj. But [that is the] the extent of their knowledge. During this presentation, I created a prezi in order to aid the flow of the presentation. I find that my balikas love prezis because [the animations flow better than PowerPoint and thus engages the balikas] - they like having something to focus their attention on while I am speaking. Along with the prezi, I had two analogy's that made the whole concept rather sticky. The first one was food coloring mixed into water. When you place food coloring into water, you get a juice and everything is evenly mixed. This is what the Akshar Purushottam upasana is mostly like. Maharaj resides within Swami who is Akshar, who resides within us. Akshar and Purushottam are inseparable. They are always one.Oil however when mixed with water, sits at the top for those who are science students. This demonstrated that Maharaj always lives within one who is Akshar and that they are always a pair and cannot be separated. The next analogy was that of Akshar. Gunatitanand Swami was first known as Akshar, however since then, all of our gurus in the guru parampara have been known as "Akshar" at one point in time. Currently, Swamibapa is Akshar. This is because although Akshar is one entity, it can change clothes. The entity of Akshar does not change, only the outer appearance of Akshar changes. Hope this helps! 

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