Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do Gangster go to Akshardham?

A fellow bal sabha-ologist came up with this idea while pondering how to present the prasang of Joban Pagi to a group of Bal 2 balaks. His idea was to look at the prasang from a different point of view.

Attached is a different way that I will talk about Joban Pagi in the upcoming sabha. I did some research on gangsters in America and put together this presentation. Key is for kids to see that people can change, even flawed people, (like our flaws), and if we try and have the proper conviction, we too can change and go to Akshardham. Joban Pagi represents a way that a gangster could end up in Akshardham.

This is a powerful tool. Changing the point of view from which a prasang is told gives us a fresh perspective on that prasang, and even though we know the prasang by heart, and know what the take away point is, this change of perspective can really drive home the simple point.  We brainstormed some other points of view on this same prasang each can give some credence to slightly different simple statements. 

  • Joban Pagi from point of view of a relative of a person that Joban Pagi murdered - can hit on forgiveness and the fact that in Akshardham we are all atmaroop, so that our bodies and their relation would be meaningless. Accomplishing that mindset on earth can only happen with the grace of the Guru.
  • Joban Pagi from point of view of someone Joban Pagi killed. They may not have wound up in Akshardham, this could illustrate purva karma, maya, and reincarnation.
  • Joban Pagi from the viewpoint of Maharaj. He knew all about him, his past, his future - therefore everything Maharaj did was for Joban's own good and to serve as an example to others.
  • Joban Pagi from Joban Pagi's viewpoint. This is the version we usually get. Emphasizing transformation of character. 
It would be a very interesting sabha indeed (could we say a very Sticky Sabha) that told this same tried and true prasang from each of these angles to drive home a simple point. Let us know if you try that and how it went.

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