Thursday, July 28, 2011

Balika/Bal Mandal Go To Move #5: Active Learning

Atlas, it's time for your bathAs our balaks continue along their Summer Challenge, we thought we'd throw another bone in the way of another tactic to get them on their toes.

In the Sabha Challenge section, many “projects” that kids do in school are all provided within the packet:
  • Posterboard Projects
  • Shoebox Diorama
  • Jeopardy Review
  • Live Skits
  • Debates

Also, the Home Challenge is something for the kids to do on their own. Although much of this month may be review, it’s important that the balaks understand the correct message.

The key to many of these activities is how we present them. For example, the syllabus lists three prasangs about Bhagatji Maharaj for this week’s topic: Shram Yagna.

An interesting/creative way to do this is by taking the balaks to a place that will bring this prasang to life. For example, in the first prasang, Bhagatji Maharaj was near a little water tank washing dishes. You can take them in the kitchen, and tell them the prasang there. (Of course, you’d have to talk with the Kitchen Coordinator and ask them if they’re not busy at that time.)

Additionally, you can make them do vasaan seva for a little bit before telling the prasang, so they can experience the prasang. This tactic is called active learning and helps the balaks experience the prasang firsthand while giving them a reason to NOT sit still (i.e. move around).

Overall, the strength of this month’s ‘Summer Challenge’ packet definitely lies in the “learn-by-doing” experience, so let's capitaze on this strategy to make the most of their Summer Challenge.

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  1. Great idea, I am going to utilize this in my Bal Sabha this weekend. Please do update more Bal Mandal suggestions :)