Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upasana: Fly High

"Space: The Final Frontier." We've always been fascinated with the skies, the cosmos, the universe, and our technology has only aided us in our endeavors. Specifically, it was our ability to fly. In our attempts, we experienced both success and failures.

What determines how well they fly ties back to something called aerodynamics, the study of how air flow interacts with moving objects. Now, one principle of this area is the Bernoulli principle. Without getting too complicated, the Bernoulli principle helps us understand why the flight is possible.

  1. Water moves faster over the ball than under it.
  2. When a fluid, like water, moves faster over a surface, it has a lower pressure.
  3. The difference in pressures creates a lift force  
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 with "air" instead of "water" - voila, flight!
What's even more interesting is that we see this principle in action in Satsang: upasana serves as the wings that enable us to soar through the skies of maya to the gates of Akshardham

Gaining this wings requires us to initially developing understanding of our upasana. Start off my listing the five entities that are integral to our philosophy - jiva, ishwar, maya, Brahm, and Parabrahm. However, this presentation will expound upon Parabrahm - the four main traits of Shriji Maharaj that we should seek to understand.

Why does upasana serve as a turn-off to many? Let's face it, not all of our sabha attendees have a knack for philosophy. Utilizing analogies and metaphors often helps us break up the complexity, so use the scriptural references provided and supplement them with these comparisons.

Sarva Karta
Think batteries. Just as Energizer powers the bunny, Shriji Maharaj powers any and all aspects of the universe - good & bad. 
  • High score on the SAT? Shriji Maharaj gave you the intelligence and confidence along with matching you up with the most favorable version of the exam.
  • Somebody crash your car? Shriji Maharaj also made this accident happen, and while in the short-term we may be shortchanged, it is for the good in the long-term.
Cultivating this idea helps us soar through any of maya's air traps - reference the Swami ni Vaat for emphasis.

Think carbon dioxide. While we may familiar with the gas that we exhale daily, it's solid form is dry ice. Similarly, Shriji Maharaj is not just a booming voice that we may hear; He has form a divine form. Use the scriptural references provided to enhance this idea. 

Think CEO. Just as a CEO presides over all in a business, Shriji Maharaj presides over every entity present in the universe. Recall that there are four additional entities after Parabrahm; they are all subject to the will of Shriji Maharaj. Hence, even the maya that flows over the surfaces of our wings of upasana are subject to the will of Him.

Think math. Math is present everywhere, especially nature (see video below). Similarly, Shriji Maharaj is ever-present on this Earth through his Ekantik Sant. While we will attain Him in Akshardham, His support is ensured here on Earth. From Gunatitanand Swami to Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the scriptures tell us why this is so - to ensure our moksha. 

In summary, our upasana is our ticket to Satsang if we so choose to realize it as such. The greater we understand it, the faster maya will pass over our wings and quicker we will attain Akshardham.

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