Thursday, July 2, 2009

PBS Frontline: The Persuaders

Here's a great find sent to us by several sticky presenters who write, "Marketers make money by creating sticky messages. We could learn a thing or two about how they do things."

This particular show goes behind-the-scenes in the advertising business to see just what marketers do to sell their products.

The prospect of zeroing in on the right audience at the right time with the right message is irresistable to both marketers and politicians. Increasingly the techniques of persuading Americans to make choices in the marketplace of goods are spilling over into the techniques of persuading them to make choices in the marketplace of ideas. Commenting on this are Ohio State law professor Peter Swire; Frank Luntz, corporate and political consultant; Naomi Klein, author of No Logo; Bob Garfield, columnist for Advertising Age; and Mark Crispin Miller, media critic. These excerpts are drawn from their extended FRONTLINE interviews.

Hungry for more? Watch the full episode online below.

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