Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rethinking Visuals

Recently, Prezi blogged about the importance of images and noted Steve Jobs's example in 2008 with the unveiling of the original MacBook Air (see 52:10).

Here's a few sites they suggested in finding images worthy of use:

The Noun Project
With over 500,000 artist-designed icons, The Noun Project has something for you, no matter what your presentation topic is. Because they are all vector images, you can use the icons at any scale—make them small to accentuate your different points, or make them big to illustrate your big idea.

Death to the Stock Photo
Death to the Stock Photo aims to eliminate the boring, inauthentic images available from most stock photo websites and databases. Sign up to receive a monthly batch of free, high-resolution photos covering a wide range of subject matter—so you can find the right visual metaphor to represent your message.

Little Visuals
Like Death to the Stock Photo, Little Visuals delivers high-quality photos straight to your inbox for free. When you sign up, you’ll start to receive seven images every week. Little Visuals’ images are always high-resolution, so you can zoom into the details to your heart’s content.

New Old Stock
Want to give your presentation a vintage feel? The high-resolution historic images from New Old Stock are perfect for spicing up your presentation with the atmosphere of another era, whether you choose to use a sepia-toned photo from the turn of the 20th century or a breezy black-and-white snapshot from the 1960s. Plus, they’re entirely free to use.

Free Pik
Looking for vector images that you can zoom into for your next prezi? Look no further than Free Pik, a collection of 1.4 million graphic files. As the name suggests, all of these files are available for free—so you can make as many beautiful prezis as you want without bothering the finance guy.

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